SCORE San Felipe 250 Race Truck: A First Look

Lordstown Motors’ Endurance is heading to Mexico for the SCORE San Felipe 250 race on Saturday, April 17.  We are thrilled to be participating in such a legendary and historic event – especially one that is considered one of the most grueling and punishing races in the world.

Each year up to 350 purpose built vehicles compete in the harshest of conditions, but less than 50% ever cross the finish line. 

While most of these vehicles will race through the desert in pursuit of a spot on the podium, our team is competing to showcase the toughness, high impact terrain capability and versatility of our hub motor and battery technology in more unforgiving environments than our customers will ever experience.

We have already generated valuable insights in the prep for this incredible event. We will gather even more from both the data we gain and our driving experience. We look forward to keeping you updated on our journey to Baja and continuing to build the best possible all-electric work vehicles. 

For more information on how to watch the race, visit the official SCORE International website


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