We’re on a mission to build the first all-electric pickup truck designed for modern work. Our purpose is to power the working spirit.

This is Lordstown Motors Corporation.


Everything we do at Lordstown Motors keeps the realities of work in mind. It’s not enough for us just to manufacture a car that looks cool—this pickup truck has to meet the demands, specifications, and safety requirements of the world’s fleets. That’s why we’re building a pickup that’s economical and safe, yet still a helluva lot of fun to drive. We call that pickup the Endurance.


We took advantage of our opportunity to create vehicles that maximize efficiency in ways traditional auto manufacturers are unable to. Our manufacturing process and our trucks are being built electric from the ground up, and we’re beginning to realize the dream of fewer moving parts, zero emissions, and improved safety.

The engineering that separates the Endurance from other EV manufacturers is our hub motor system. Four individual hub motors placed inside the wheels power the driving experience, and an advanced system of computers and software optimizes every turn, stop, and lane change. The Endurance looks like a pickup and performs the same tasks pickup trucks always have: the difference is that the power source and engineering make it handle like a sports car.


We’re building the Endurance at our headquarters: a 6.2 million square foot manufacturing facility, just off the Ohio Turnpike in Lordstown, Ohio. This plant functioned as a GM plant from 1966 until 2019, and the people of this town turned out 16 million vehicles over that timespan. It’s in this same facility that we will build the electric pickup trucks of the future.

The people of this town have auto manufacturing practically in their DNA, and they’ve spent 50+ years making American vehicles. These are tough, enduring people making a tough, enduring pickup truck. We’re looking forward to having their help for 50 more years.

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