Lordstown Endurance at SCORE San Felipe 250

As an innovation driven company committed to building the first and best full-size EV pickup truck, pushing the envelope of what is possible is core to our DNA. The SCORE San Felipe 250 provided just that type of opportunity and we are incredibly proud to have entered and competed, and for the validating feedback we obtained on so many aspects of the vehicle.

We knew this was a grueling environment and would push us. We successfully navigated the extreme conditions over the first 40-mile leg of the race with all of our mechanicals meeting or exceeding our expectations. While we anticipated significantly higher energy demand from this environment – the reality of the terrain proved to be even more demanding. 

During the race, when we reached the first charging stop, we analyzed the drive data, and concluded our energy usage was much more intensive than we had modeled. In our pre-race estimates, we assumed a 3X energy usage compared to normal road conditions at 200 ft. elevation. Following stage 1, however, our data showed consumption at 4 times the normal level. As we recharged for stage 2, we concluded that the next leg – more than 65 miles at net 1750 ft. elevation – could result in our vehicle stopping in the middle of mountainous terrain with no viable or accessible charging options, so we decided not to send the vehicle back out on the course. While we were done racing for the day, we continued to demonstrate the vehicle’s capabilities through an additional 10 miles of off-course driving, which only added to the insights and feedback we generated during the race. 

Overall, we were very pleased with the vehicle’s performance and we generated extensive feedback that we will continue to assess in the weeks ahead, including: 

  • Our components can stand up to the harshest environment and G forces
  • Our in-wheel hub motors performed great and demonstrated superior traction
  • Our drivetrain and battery pack took the beatings dished out by the grueling conditions and stood up to the test
  • Our frame stood up to the conditions without any issues
  • Our thermal management system kept all components cool despite the vehicle pulling much more energy than anticipated
  • Driving in deep sand, with the required larger tires, required more energy than we forecasted
  • Our truck completed the stage fully intact, operationally sound and is now headed back home

We tip our cap to Baja and the tough terrain and we look forward to next year. We expected to be pushed to the limit and we were not disappointed. We will continue to push our vehicle and our team to the limits because that is what it takes to successfully develop the level of market-changing innovation to which we are committed.



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