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TCO Calculator

Initial Operating Costs Comparison*
$52,500 Initial cost
Years owned
Mileage per year
Electric Cost Per kWh, $ 1
$1040 Fuel cost 2
$360 Maintenance cost 3
($7,500) Federal tax credit 4
Local tax credit 5
Number of vehicles

$56,200.00 TOTAL


$51,775 Initial cost
5 Years owned
20,000 Mileage per year
Price per gallon, $ 6
$3671.43 Fuel cost 7
$1080 Maintenance cost 8
N/A Federal tax credit
N/A Local tax credit
1 Number of vehicles

$82,819.44 TOTAL
($27,059.44) DIFFERENCE

* Operating Costs are meant to be a guideline for the advantages of using electric vehicles. Other factors such as depreciation, local sales tax, tires, unforeseen repairs and financing options affect the total cost of ownership of a vehicle.

1 To find the average cost per kWh in your state, visit

2 Fuel cost calculated by taking total mileage per year multiplied by kWh used per mile by the Endurance (0.4 kWh/mile) to get yearly kWh used. Yearly kWh used was then multiplied by cost per kWh

3 Internal Data

4 Source:

5 For info on local tax credits available to you, visit

6 National average for gallon of gas - $2.57 per gallon as of 12/09/19, per AAA

7 Fuel costs per year calculated by taking average miles per gallon of Ford F-150 Lariat 4WD (18 MPGs) and dividing by mileage per year to get total gallons per year. Total gallons per year were then multiplied by the price for gallon

8 Maintenance costs determined by Edmunds True Cost to Own®. Source:

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